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About Us

NorseCode: a team of professional information technologists, creative specialists, and new media marketing talent focused on making the web work for you.

We've been building online information systems since before there even was a World Wide Web, and are now putting today's less expensive bandwidth, blazing computing hardware, and rapidly evolving software tools to work in a myriad of settings.

Of course, a robust, agile web presence is useless without sleek, meaningful content. One of our key assets is our experience in helping our clients to build and maintain their online message. From graphic design, copy writing, and digital imagery to as-needed routine maintenance and training, we're here to make the site's content inform and perform.

The sites we develop and maintain are always hosted in a cutting edge data center, secure from power and network interruptions, and physically protected by a professional staff. We specialize in sites built on the Microsoft Active Server Pages and .Net platforms, and continually track the latest developments, security issues, tools, and trends.

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